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Worry Wart - Where is your emotional compass?

It is a far bigger deal not to admit it – the world is not completely set up for total authenticity and radical honesty.

Just being aware is part of the process.

Willingness to look bad to other people – shame.

Is there something bad or wrong about me? What do others judge as bad? We have to face and work with what is real about us, both our good points and our shadow (good/bad).

Be authentic and accept what is real about you and practice being brave to express both sides to others.

Be vulnerable – it is normal to hide our vulnerable aspects from the world. All we express is something that keeps us safe. What is the opposite of defending myself?

Whatever you are trying to defend is the vulnerability within that you need to be authentic about. Tell the whole truth and how it makes you feel. Not just parts of it.

We are living in the emotional dark age. It’s not cool to express your emotion and a lot of people have learnt how to bottle them up and bury them deep. Do you have emotion and know how you feel? The root of authenticity is admitting how you feel to other people – how do you feel? We are not validated for emotions. They are our compass which confirms our reality, learn how to access them.

Become aware of your thoughts and your beliefs. They can cover up your essence or be a true reflection of you.

Most of us do not see ourselves objectively. Learn to look at yourself from the way another person would look at you. Meditate like you are a fly on a wall or a bird’s eye view looking at yourself. Objective viewing or perceptual positions exercise which is looking at every aspect.

Anything you do that steps you into the direction of enlightenment and essence authenticity.

Which means we will unfold as people, allowing our unique essence to unfold and shine for the world.

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