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Passion & Purpose

I have 20 years of EA experience. I have studied a mindset course, I have studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I had a cert III in Fitness and used to be a PUMP instructor – (I wasn’t the best at it. It taught me to speak up and out for the participants to hear me. I learnt the importance of music and beat).

I want you to get curious about yourself around your personal brand.

Ask yourself – "How do I find myself, my passion and purpose?"

  • How do I find my truth?

  • What is my passion?

  • Past/Present/Purpose – how has my past shaped my present and how is my present shaping my future? How can you consciously create your future?

  • What do you want to be known for?

  • What legacy do you want to leave?

“Your future will mirror your past until we change it” – if you can find the author of that quote let me know.

What is Risk?

Vulnerability is the highest form of risk

Why is risk important in creating the future you want?

Compassion Rather Than Comparison

Healthy self-concepts grow best where there is a greater focus on compassion rather than comparison. Where comparison is on the basis of our self-worth, we become reliant on identifying areas where we are better than others. A compassionate, strengths focus means we see ourselves as strongly connected and interdependent on others. We focus on ways we can continue to grow across all dimensions of our lives and support others.

There is a shift from judgment to kindness, both in the way we think about ourselves and others. There is a sense of common humanity and mindfulness to be fully present in the moment and thoughtful in terms of how our interactions impact others.

“Higher levels of compassion for self and others are linked to increased feelings of happiness, optimism, curiosity and connectedness.”

When we live with compassion at our centre, the world slows down and opens out.

I am looking at running small group coaching circles please register your interest here. I am only taking a small number.

The purpose of the coaching will be to move you away from Worry and into a life of passion and purpose.

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