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Letting Go

I have had Covid this week - I feel like ive spent the last 2 years avoiding it including a couple of trips interstate where it was rife and then it walks straight into my house via the kids being back at school and knocks my husband and I for six. Its not all that bad it feels in my situation like a bad headcold. It started with sneezing and i have been managing it with panadol and Armaforce. The worse part is Mum and Dad were due to visit me for my 41st birthday this weekend (they couldnt come last year due to border closures for my 40th) and fair enough they didnt want to walk into a home with Covid at 70 when they have managed to avoid it to date. I feel your covid pain... the light at the end of the tunnel looks bright though. One door closes and another door opens. Do you ever wonder why somethings dont work out the way you planned? Its because we are often so focused on the outcome or the result (or EGO gets in the way) and not the journey or the experience. Recently something in my life just didnt work out and thats ok i have made peace with it. From the experience i have more clarity. I have met a handful of wonderful people who for one reason, season of our lives were meant to be in the situation we found ourselves in for that point in time. Its only a point in time. We only have this moment and what you choose to do with it is yours. What is the lesson? What has it come to teach us? 2022 is looking up, on a recent trip to Sydney I found a nutrition book that is helping me with learning about what to fuel my body and in turn I am learning how to keep my emotions unrelated to food. In the last 4 years I have put on close to 20kgs due to the emotional rollercoaster of moving away from friends and family, work related stresses. I am proud to say the weight is coming off and I am feeling much "free-er". Food just is. If i am feeling an emotion - its about talking about it or better yet "feeling it" and not reaching for the food or alcohol. It feels so good to be able to talk to you again and express myself. Something exciting is on the cards and i will make an announcement in early March. Take care and reach out if you need me Jacqs

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