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Week 1 – Defining your Worry


I assist you to see where you have been at WAR with yourself in Worry, Anticipation, Regret and move you towards freedom and peace. I assist you to get really clear with your worries. I elicit the body’s reaction and specifically your body’s reaction to worry and stress. I discover and identitify your Worry triggers and pain points. We then Declutter and Clear Worry from an unconscious level.


Week 2 – Getting Honest with yourself


We face uncomfortable truths about yourself. Radical honesty is not just about pointing out truths about others. You need to be able to confront uncomfortable truths about yourself. People have a tendency to shy away from truths that are scary. Learn to evaluate yourself objectively and ask yourself honest questions. We chart where you are at in all areas of your life. We deep dive and set intentions for areas of life that need improvement. We create your conscious worry compass.


1. Am I in the right job based on my values?

2. Am I being honest with myself based on my values?

3. Am I being the most authentic version of myself?


Week 3 – Your Childhood Growing Up


Here we discuss the Development Stages and the Family Impact. We look at the role of parents in your development. We look at your values around health as your wealth. We spring clean any buried and hidden emotions. We balance the feminine and masculine energy. We detach and look at attachment.




Week 4 & 5 – Your Self Leadership


When we understand ourselves at a deep level, our strengths our weaknesses and blind spots we can spot them in others. We move through this section discovering emotional intelligence and self regulation of our emotions.


Week 6 – Your Spirit


We put you on your spiritual quest. Looking and feeling for the divine within you and around you externally. We learn to listen and trust our intuition as a tool to guide us and to keep us safe.  We learn grounding techniques and meditation. Learn how to keep your energy safe with various exercises and visualisations.


Week 7 – Finding your Joy and Passion


We  rediscover your joy and passion by looking at the things that brought you joy as a child. We brainstorm what now brings you joy as an adult. We use various tools and exercises to get you to explore these aspects of who you are and what you want out of your life.





Week 8 – Your Freedom 


You will no longer be deep in the worry from week 1 after moving through all of the program and its exercises. The process is fun and collaborative.  In this final week we see how far you have come and do an audit on what your Worry Free Life looks like now and we review your triggers and pain points from week 1. We check in with your goals and graduate you with a Certificate of Completion. Your final mission is to go out into the world and experience it with all your new resources and tools to live a WORRY FREE Life of Freedom.

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