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Worry Wart - An essential read... are you setting Boundaries?


'O dear one, why worry? What is meant for you will always find you." the poet-saint Lalleshwari

Learning how to set boundaries is an essential self-care practice. Having good boundaries increases energy levels, opens your heart to the present moment and affirms your commitment to honour your intuition.

There are many ways to set healthy boundaries.

When a personal boundary has been crossed and you choose to say nothing instead of speaking up for yourself, you are not ‘keeping the peace’. You are telling a very sensitive and vulnerable part of yourself, ‘I don’t matter’.

We are our own worst enemy by not being true to ourselves.

We hurt women more than men by being overly judgemental and competitive amongst ourselves.

There is power in developing a relationship to nature. Think for a moment about how much wisdom the earth holds. Every day the sun rises and sets, the tides change, and the air stirs.

Now consider your favourite plant and the incomprehensible number of processes that take place within that plant on a daily basis. The amount of intelligence that lives inside each moment on earth is mind-blowing. You have access to this infinite intelligence at all times, because like the earth and the plants, your body is made up of the same processes.

3 Essential Oils to help you set Boundaries and keep them

Whenever you choose to, you can tap into the innate wisdom that you share with everything around you. There is no need to work on connecting to nature because you are nature, the connection is implicit.

Taking the time to develop your relationship to nature and to use its powerful energy to support you is one of life’s best remedies. The medicine you need to take care of yourself is alive in each moment. All that is required is your willingness to ask, listen, and open.

When it comes to setting boundaries and self-care, essential oils are at the top of my list.

Plants carry millions of years of wisdom in their cells making them excellent allies in our modern lives.

I carefully chose each plant oil listed below for its accessibility and boundary-setting intelligence. If you are new to working with essential oils, start with one and build your knowledge base gradually.

Basil clears the heart and mind. It helps to relieve sadness and creates a loving vibration that is very helpful when dealing with people who are difficult.

In Italy, basil is known as a symbol of love and is widely used for protection in the home.

Using basil on a regular basis will help you build trust with yourself so that you can honour your needs and stay open-hearted in the process.

1. Place a few drops of basil essential oil in your diffuser to clear negativity and bring good luck.

2. Apply a small drop to your heart to keep it open when facing challenging situations.

3. Take a deep inhalation of basil essential oil to help you feel brave in challenging relationships.

Rosemary has been used for centuries in Italy and Spain as protection from negative energy and dark magic. Use rosemary when you want to energise the nervous system, uplift your spirit, and enhance mental clarity.

Rosemary keeps you strong in your boundaries so that you do not lose yourself in other people.

Rosemary helps you understand your value and feel self-reliant. When you know deep down what you’re worth it, it is much easier to set boundaries with confidence.

1. Place a small drop of rosemary oil on your temples for clear thinking or on the top of your head for drawing in wisdom.

2. Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to water and make a potent mister to clear negative energy and raise your vibration.

Vetiver is a deep root that restores balance and will help you receive the support you need. Use vetiver when you are feeling ungrounded, confused, or tired.

Vetiver is a potent oil for releasing negative thoughts and provides psychic protection.

This healing plant promotes a sense of belonging and calm which is very helpful in stressful situations.

Vetiver is also great to use if you are a highly sensitive person as it protects your energy from others.

1. Place a drop of vetiver essential oil on the sole of each foot to stay grounded during the day.

2. You can also use vetiver on your heart, low back, and temples to establish a deep sense of connection to your soul.

3. A few long inhalations of vetiver before bed will help you relax and encourages healing rest.

I can link you up to an essential oil enrollment consultant. I use the oils to support my clients and i in times of Worry.

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