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Worry Wart - Are you a Creative Mess?

When you are deep in worry and negative self talk it can be difficult to feel passionate or joyful.

You forget the simple things in your childhood that brought you joy like sunshine, spending time with family, plane rides, the beach, camping, travelling in a car staring out the window, gum nut babies, riding bikes, rollar skates….

Recently…. I knew I wasn’t joyful and I could sense the world was struggling too. I spent the best part of the last few years looking for Joy. I ran workshops across New South Wales and the sunshine coast called ‘Joy” and my intention was to clear any limiting beliefs and emotions with people, let them do some yoga and connect as likeminded people.

Joy and passion are within and if you stop and sit in the silence long enough you should be able to find joy in the simplest of things at any time.

The part about Joy that I learnt recently off Brené Brown is that to find joy you need to be able to sit in your vulnerability. I had felt vulnerability and others (being an empath) and taken a lot of it on board, I released it with NLP – all the feelings and emotions ANGER, FEAR, GUILT AND SADNESS etc then I felt bold enough to go and run workshops around it.

I was expecting people to be vulnerable with me to transform when I couldn’t be vulnerable with them in that moment. It’s not necessarily about the stories around the old anger, fear, guilt and sadness – it’s about sitting in the moment, creating the space for people to be vulnerable.

When you ask someone ‘what specifically do you want?’ they will struggle to tell you the answer... they more often than not tell you what they don’t want. You find the answers within yourself. We have all of the tools and resources within if only we give ourselves the chance to take that deep dive within to find out.

What I’m seeing in my coaching business is clients saying

“i need to let go of”

“i will concentrate on what I want”

“i feel angry, unappreciated”

“Repressed anger”

“Fear of moving forward”




“Self-punishment and sabotage”

MOST people just want to not feel pain anymore, they want more joy (they just may not be able to express it yet)

More loving relationships

To let go

Feel Connection

Family time

Financial Security



Feel better about themselves

Live longer for their grandchildren

More communication

More Confidence and Self Care

Possibilities to open up - Travel/Freedom

I like this quote "instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create."

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