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I’m Deb from CanDo VA Solutions and I am a (recovering) Worry Wart

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

I first met Jacqueline (Jac) from Worry Wart Australia through the VA Institute where she had offered her services to help fellow worry warts overcome their worrying to move forward in their lives and businesses.

I immediately resonated with what Jac was saying as I had ALL the “symptoms” of being a Worry Wart of the highest order.

I found myself unemployed for the first time in my life after resigning from my job of 27 years to save me and my head. I was not in a great place.

I had no idea what I was going to do next. Jumping from a plane without a parachute was never in the plan (I’d NEVER jump out of a real plane, even with a parachute) but sometimes you just have to jump.

After licking my wounds for a couple of months I came across the concept of Virtual Assistance, something I could definitely do with all my years of administration experience. I found the VA Institute, did their amazing course and set up my business.

What the hell was I doing? I knew nothing about running a business but I did it anyway. Lots of lessons, lots of second-guessing and lots of WORRYING later, I was 6 months in and didn’t have a client.

As the universe often does, it brought Jac and me together in May this year. I signed up for the 8 week course and then extended it for a few extra sessions as I wasn’t quite “there” yet. We unpacked the issues that had led me to that point and worked to settle them in my mind. I started writing down the s**t in my head, meditating and using strategies that Jac taught me to deal with my worry.

As we continued our sessions I gradually became more positive in my whole outlook and things began to change.

And then the clients came. I now truly believe that if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else.

Do I still worry? Of course I do, but now I am self-aware and can pull myself up when my brain starts going in the wrong direction. My glass is now half full instead of half empty, which in hindsight it had been for many years.

If you can relate to my story then I strongly encourage you to reach out to Jac, to purchase her book or at least arrange a discovery call to see if she can help.

You only get one chance at this thing called life. Yes – it sux sometimes but you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be your BEST self and if you need help then GET IT.💗

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