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Hey Worry Wart - Is Leadership important to you?

One thing I do know as an Executive Assistant (EA)… not many companies have the budget to invest in their EA’s.

If you have had the chance to attend leadership training over the years, kudos to you. There are loads of leadership courses and programs advertised for EA’s to attend, and when you see the price or ask your manager, the answer most likely is, ‘we don’t have budget for that’.

Leadership and especially self-leadership is an investment in yourself and companies are encouraged to tip some of the profits into continuous learning, education and self-development. Think of yourself as a business, you need to keep up levelling and upskilling throughout your life to stay relevant and commercial.

In my career as an EA I have seen lots of different styles of leadership. As an EA we are a reflection of our boss, manager, CEO.

On a spiritual level I believe we are all mirrors to one another. We each reflect back to us a reflection of our inner selves. I also believe that the world and what is going on is also a reflection of us.

In my opinion qualities of good leadership are a boss or manager that reflects the same values, one that behaves with integrity, one that sees the big picture but also is across the detail, one that shows empathy towards others, one that has some degree of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and most importantly one that knows how to communicate.

A good leader will lead the workplace through the good, the bad and the ugly. One that values relationships over building an empire. One that shares the profits and builds a good culture.

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