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Hey Worry Wart - does it have to be PERFECT?

I worried about what people thought and tried impressing people with material things. Growing up we didn’t have much. I avoided bringing many of my friends home because I was embarrassed.

Things have been far from perfect. In order for things to seem perfect, I have always placed rose coloured glasses on. My favourite movie series was Anne of Green Gables and My favourite song growing up was and still is, “It’s got to beeeeeeee eeeee...eeeee Perrrrfect” by the band, Fairground Attraction.

It's got to be perfect It's got to be worth it, yeah Too many people take second best Well I won't take anything less It's got to be, yeah, perfect Young hearts are foolish, they make such mistakes They're much too eager to give their love away Well, I have been foolish too many times Now I'm determined, I'm gonna get it right

What does perfect mean anyway? Isn’t everything in the moment perfect as it is without judgement or wanting more.

Looking at nature it is perfect in its natural beauty. I need to spend time in nature to appreciate its beauty and to realise we are part of something much greater and we too as humans are beautiful beings made unique and perfect

What I loved about Anne of Green Gables was she had a far from perfect life but was smart, feisty, educated, clumsy and fun and she didn’t settle for anything less not even Gilbert…

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