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Hey Worry Wart - Are you being honest with yourself? Radically Honest?

Radical Honesty

The process of writing the book has given me the healing I needed. The art of writing down my thoughts onto the pages is quite therapeutic. I thank my coach Katrena ( for providing the tools to do this. Thanks for being my Mentor and assisting me on my professional and personal growth journey. I have connected my mind and body and my unconscious to my conscious.

My truth. My honesty, my radical honesty. There have been many attempts and many cups of tea and I sit with the fact that some people will like it, some won’t and the others I just have to not worry about. Opinions are like A Holes everyone has one.

Honesty is about being real with yourself and understanding who you are.

Am I in the right job?

Am I being honest with myself?

Am I being the best version of myself?

Am I being the most authentic version of myself?

Am I embodying my message?

Am I in the right Relationship?

Am i being heard?

Am i surrounding myself with the people who love and support me?

If you are not and you are living a life where you are lying to yourself and not being the most authentic version of yourself then it’s time to take a deep dive inward.

A good place to start is with your values. I help elicit your values in my book and also through coaching and workshops.

Once you align to your values then it is very easy to lead an honest and authentic life.

How to be Authentic

Astrologically with my north node in Leo and my south node in Aquarius, it’s my life mission to shine and be my authentic self and as a Pisces, it’s my last life.

It is my soul mission to uncover and be someone, something that is genuine, real and true (and not copied).

Embrace my unique gifts, show the world, uncover the secret, teach and coach.

Each and every person comes with a unique essence, thoughts, feelings, desires and needs.

Like a flower blooming and opening, unfolding, naturally exposing the beauty, your authentic aspect.

Society, culture, schooling, religion and your upbringing can influence you in terms of how you are moulded to be what is acceptable within your family, your culture, your school, religion etc.

Vulnerable aspects are hidden – we split and only put forward what is acceptable. Keeping the pearl hidden to feel loved and safe. The result can be a fake personality that changes with the external condition. Are you the same person at work and at home? Are you the same person at work and at the pub?

We suppress any behaviours that are not socially acceptable. Of course there is a time and place to be professional.

I have written a book called Worry - A Worry Wart's Guide to Self Mastery. Check it out and buy it here now

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