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HEY WORRY WART - Are you at W.A.R with yourself?

I have been at WAR with myself for 39 years, entrenched in WORRY, ANTICIPATION about the future, and RESENTMENT about the past.

I worry and have worried since I was a child, grinding my teeth to sleep at night. As an empath, I took on my parent’s worries from an early age, not because I wanted to of course. It was just natural and unconscious for a worry wart like me.

I chose my parents who (when I was born) were financially struggling, my father had recently divorced and at 30 had to start again with my mum and at the time 3 kids, and eventually 4 when my sister was born 18 months after me.

The anticipation about the future began as I was brought up in a household that was busy, both parents working hard. Mum a shift worker as a nurse and dad as a truck driver working day and night to set the family up financially.

The anticipation began for me in the form of attachment as I watched dad buy one unit, the second unit, the third unit and eventually a fourth. I anticipated moving out of our unit into a house (like every other kid I went to school with who lived in a house). I yearned for that house for 18 years.

I was often too embarrassed to say I lived in the unit near the railway line where you could hear the trains rumbling past and the see the planes come flying over. I worried what people thought of me.

I anticipated and began attaching myself to the day when I live in a house everything is going to be better, my friends will like me more, I will like me more.

I shift out of incubation into awareness. Ending the inner war.

W.A.R = Worry / Anticipation / Regret

ARE = Awareness + Resolution = Evolution

WE = Word Embodied

Self Mastery for Worry Warts

Your Opinion of me is none of my business.

One third of the people will like you, one third will hate you and the other third wont care...

Worry Wart i see, hear and feel you. Could this be you?

  • Concern and Worry we have less years in front of us than behind

  • Hearing ‘white noise’

  • Inability to switch off

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Struggle with boundaries

  • Feeling of knots in the stomach

  • Being overly pro-active and efficient to the detriment of you and your family

  • Juggle kids | clients | work - but doing all poorly...

  • Mind chatter and negative self-talk

  • Worrying about keeping up with the ‘Joneses’

  • Something ‘tragic’ has happened in your life and you are stuck in the past

  • Looking for freedom (financial freedom | inner peace

Did you hear that i have written a Number 1 Best Selling Book called Worry - A Worry Wart's Guide to Self Mastery?

To get to know more about me and my services head to

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