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The book is my personal journey, my own ticket to freedom. I hope that by sharing my journey with radical honesty I can awaken you to live your dream life. To be free from the shackles of the corporate hierarchy, to be free from the constraints of managing other people’s diaries, to be free from building someone else’s dream to the detriment of pulling a wage and most importantly be free from the undervalued, unworthiness that these environments tend to layer unconsciously into our energetic systems.

This book is for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Office Managers, Administration Managers who are sensitive, intuitive, empaths but have blocked out any feeling or emotions so as to ‘play the game’ with the cold, harsh corporate world.

This book allows you to start chasing your own dreams with confidence. This book is my own personal recount of my journey so far.

There are references to my teachers and those I have followed along the way. There has been no significant scientific research, it’s a light, tell-tale journey of an ordinary sensitive girl, who has a natural tendency to worry and in times of extreme stress has overcome anxious feelings and overwhelm.

When there is imbalance externally all I can do is create balance internally on the understanding that I am a reflection of the whole.

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