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About the Author of WORRY

My name is Jacqueline Delarue, I am 39 years old. I grew up in north western Sydney, part of the Hawkesbury Community in New South Wales. I am from a loving, supportive and average income family, and I was educated in a catholic co-ed school, I didn’t go to University (I was meant to my UAI was 70 odd and I got into a Bachelor of Social Studies).

At the time, I decided not to go to Uni, I didn’t want to spend 4 years in Western Sydney at Uni, so I attended Sydney Travel Training College, got my first job in travel for the rich and famous in Double Bay. I spent the next 3 years broke, spending my small wage on travel, with many life lessons and fond memories. I studied at Williams Business College, North Sydney which gave me a leg up into the corporate world of Freehills and Macquarie Bank.

I married at 24, had my first baby Heidi at 30 and my second Son Fletcher at 34. I have 15 years of experience as an assistant while raising a family. I started to find it challenging returning to work after my first born, returning part time and then quitting as my levels of worry increased. I felt out of control and wondered all day what my baby was doing.

I remember feeling particularly worried when the grandparents would take her out for a drive or shopping when she was supposed to be in a routine and doing something else.

I quit not long after that. I fumbled and stumbled my way into the next job and the next job looking for the perfect family friendly role.

I thought this was my ‘lot’ in life but it turns out my passion for learning, a few life experiences and a dedication for active learning coupled with curiosity has led me to seek more freedom.

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