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About Jacqueline Delarue

Updated: May 31, 2020

About Jac

Jacqueline Delarue has been an EA herself for over 20 years and has overcome worry, fear and anxiety. She now offers programs for EAs | PAs | VAs specialising in self leadership.

Jacqueline runs an online VA community group, runs workshops and retreats moving you away from worry and anxiety into inspired action and living your best life.

Jac provides a customised, individual solution for you to build the business or career of your dreams, allowing you to embody and be your authentic self, whilst ensuring we address your emotional challenges, using the latest techniques as a Health and Wellbeing Coach and NLP Practitioner, formally educated through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

Jacqueline is a #1 best-selling author of WORRY, A Worry Warts guide to Self Mastery and enjoys guest speaking at EA | PA and VA conferences and networking events.

Jac has a lot of fun working with like minded women and would love to work with you on an individual basis as your Worry Wart Mentor.

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