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Worry Wart - Greetings Texas!

I am so excited to announce I was heard on BBS radio TV in the United States of America

Click here to listen to the interview with me and 2 other experts.

It was fun speaking to BBS radio in Austin Texas USA on the topic of Worry.

Listen to me I am on first then listen to Jaron, Mentor and owner of Spiritual Athletics who talks about Worry from a physical in your body experience. I love his analogy of Worry being like sitting in your car in park with the handbrake on and revving your foot on the accelerator (gas) and going nowhere but burning the fuel down in the car and going nowhere!


1. Identify and write down what you are worried about, it forces to you simply and put it into words

2. Why are you worried about that thing? Are you coming up with real valid reasons?

3. Identify and determine is your worry something that you can do something about or is it outside of your control? I’ve never done radio before not even here in Australia  It’s a different feel  I felt the need to fill in the gaps then I just let myself go and felt the words flowing out  You can’t see anyone you just have to trust  You don’t get any vibes because it’s just you and the airways  It was an awesome chance to voice my message, my truth, my honesty  #worry #worrywart #speaker #coach #freedom #family #perspective #executiveassistant

PS - Whenever you're ready, here's two ways I can support you to uncover your Worry pain points and triggers 1. Join the Worry Wart Club here for nourishing support and coaching tips 2. Reply with the word WORRYWART and we can have a chat about if the Worry Wart Freedom program might be a good next step for you.

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